It’s no surprise that marble is a common countertop and flooring choice in Los Angeles homes and businesses. Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are known for their beauty and sophistication, and marble is just one of the many ways to create a luxurious interior. Whether you have marble in your kitchen or you’ve chosen to use it as the flooring material of choice throughout your entire business, it’s important to ensure that you’re protecting your investment.

Concrete & Marble Transformerz offers effective and affordable marble sealing that can help you transform and protect the natural stone surfaces in your home or business. Get in touch with one of our marble restoration experts to get started, and continue reading below to learn more about the importance of marble sealing!

Why Marble Sealing Is Important 

Many of our clients don’t know what marble sealing is or why it is important, so we’ll start by explaining the basics. Marble is a porous material, which means that the stone can absorb a liquid that is left sitting on the surface. Unsealed marble countertops have no protection against moisture and easily can become stained after a small coffee or red wine spill. Similarly, marble floors can become stained when someone’s shoes bring mud in on a rainy day. Moreover, a strong marble seal will protect the stone itself from scratches and chips, further preserving its appearance. In short, marble sealing creates a protective transparent barrier between your marble and the outside world.

Many home and business owners attempt to seal their marble themselves using store-bought products and applicators. While these products can create a decent seal, there are several drawbacks to DIY marble sealing:

  • Even application: An even application is one of the most important aspects of proper marble sealing. You don’t want certain areas to become worn down more quickly than others, and you certainly don’t want too much sealant to obscure the underlying surface. At Concrete & Marble Transformerz, we work tirelessly to deliver an even application across surfaces of any size.
  • Lasting results: While do-it-yourself sealant applications can save you money, they cost you a significant amount of time in the long run. You’ll have to learn how to seal the marble to begin with, and you’ll have to apply the sealant again in a matter of months. Most of the products available on today’s market do not match the quality of commercially available sealants, and we utilize exclusively top-of-the-line products.
  • Cleanliness: Proper cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the sealing process. The surface has to be flawless before the sealant is applied, otherwise dirt, bacteria, and other substances will be trapped underneath. When you work with our marble restoration experts, you can rest assured that every inch of the surface will be properly cleaned before the sealant is applied.

Call Us for Marble Sealing in Los Angeles

A good sealant will last anywhere from one to two years, but your needs may vary according to how much use your marble receives throughout the year. If you’re wondering how often you should invest in marble sealing, then get in touch with a member of Concrete & Marble Transformerz at 562-206-2729 or fill out the form below to request more information. We’re proud to be the Top Rated Local® stone restoration company in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to know in order to keep your marble in top condition throughout the year. We can even visit your property regularly to ensure that you always have a strong seal!

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