Unlike some metals and woods, natural stone surfaces require a careful and detailed polishing process. Concrete & Marble Transformers offers diamond polishing using a very fine-grit diamond and water combination that produces an incredible polish. Depending on the stone, we finish with polishing powders, pastes, or diamond pads. These pastes and powders are very abrasive and acidic, and they can have great results when used correctly!

Concrete & Marble Transformerz provides restoration and stone polishing to commercial and residential clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our stone polishing service:

  • Removes stains and scratches
  • Removes buildup from previously used waxes or surface treatments
  • Restores a glossy finish
  • Produces a polish that will make your surfaces look brand new!

Remember, achieving professional polishing results takes experience and knowledge. If you have natural stone surfaces that need to be polished, don’t take the risk of damaging them by attempting to polish them yourself. Contact Concrete & Marble Transformerz today to schedule a free estimate from our Top-Rated Local® restoration company!