Granite is a hard stone that is granular in texture. Restoring granite is considered very difficult in the industry, and it requires a wealth of experience to properly restore granite. At Concrete & Marble Transformerz, we have the experience and can handle any granite flooring, whether it is installed in a home or in a business. We can also remove scratches with our granite polishing service, and this will bring new life to your floor or kitchen counters.

Our granite polishing services treats superficial scratches and minor etching that occurs throughout the life of the granite. Our process leaves you with a deep, natural shine that you will not be able to achieve with other methods. We have provided this service throughout Southern California, and we’ve helped hundreds of families in Los Angeles and Orange County restore their granite.

We provide granite polishing and other restoration to:

– Commercial & Residential Locales
– Flooring
– Countertops

Contact Concrete & Marble Transformerz today for a free estimate! Our work ethic is unparalleled and our results speak for themselves! Find out why we’re California’s Top-Rated Local® restoration company.