While many home and business owners in Los Angeles have chosen to furnish their spaces with opulent materials like granite and marble, concrete flooring is a low-cost alternative with many benefits. We explained a few of the reasons why concrete is a smart flooring option in a previous post, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to explain why concrete may be an ideal choice for your home or business.

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Why Choose Concrete?


As one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the United States, concrete flooring is becoming more and more popular in Los Angeles due to how eco-friendly it is. Concrete flooring can be constructed from existing slabs of concrete, eliminating the waste generated by traditional manufacturing processes. As we noted in our previous blog post, concrete polishing and staining can transform an existing slab into a work of art, and almost nobody can tell the difference between a new and refurbished slab of concrete.

Ease of Care 

If you’re looking for a flooring option that requires little maintenance, then you should give concrete some serious consideration. Unlike marble and granite, concrete floors don’t require expensive treatments or chemicals for maintenance. All that needs to be done is a weekly mopping with soap and water in high-traffic areas, and perhaps sweeping in low-traffic areas where dust or dirt may be accumulating.

Similar to the needs of marble and granite, concrete sealing is important, as you don’t want grit or liquids to scratch the surface. However, one major difference between concrete and more opulent flooring options that it’s virtually indestructible. Young children, animals, and dropped objects will rarely damage concrete floors, and in the event that a chip or scratch does occur, concrete polishing and sealing will buff the defect out.

Temperature Regulation

Summer is officially in full swing, and you’re probably turning up your air conditioning unit to stay cool throughout the day. One major benefit of concrete is that it absorbs the air around it, meaning that it can help you stay even more cool and comfortable during the hottest days of the year. You’ll love the feeling of cool concrete on your feet in the summer after spending the day outside, and if you turn on your heater during the cooler months, your concrete floors will act as a built-in heater, too.

We hope that you have enjoyed this series on the benefits of concrete flooring. We’ll continue to revisit this topic in future posts, providing you with even more information about concrete flooring, concrete sealing, and concrete polishing.

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