Limestone is a beautiful sedimentary rock that is formed from minerals and sediment that are compressed under the sea. Limestone is a beautiful addition to any home, and many California residents have chosen to furnish their homes with limestone floors and countertops. Though limestone is an incredibly durable material, it is not impervious to cracks, chips, and stains. In today’s post, we’ll explain everything you need to know in order to care for your limestone floors. Concrete & Marble Transformers is a Top Rated Local® restoration company in Los Angeles. We provide floor cleaning, concrete polishing, marble cleaning, and so much more! Contact us today at 562-206-2729 for a free estimate!

The location of the limestone in your home will inform you about the amount of care you should expect to put into it. If you have your entire home furnished with beautiful limestone floors, you will want to pay careful attention to high-traffic areas like the kitchen and hallways. If your kitchen countertops are adorned with limestone, you’ll want to seal them regularly to protect them from stains and scratches that could be caused by cooking.

Properly sealed limestone surfaces will have a glossy and smooth look, and you can check to see if your limestone needs to be resealed by looking for dull areas that aren’t as smooth and shiny as others. If you’re not sure about whether your limestone needs to be resealed, you can always contact our restoration company for an inspection! Contacting a professional to seal your limestone is always a good idea, as sealing a dirty limestone surface could leave you stuck with a grimy and murky finish.

No matter where you have limestone in your home, at some point, you’re bound to spill or drop something that has the potential to damage your natural stone surface. Areas like the kitchen and dining room are particularly vulnerable to spills and drops, and you should always be prepared to immediately clean up a spill when it occurs. Cleaning a spill off of your limestone floor is fairly easy, all you need is warm water and non-acidic soap. Use a soft cloth to clean up the liquid, and then gently dry the area with a soft towel. Some beverages are more likely to harm your limestone surfaces than others, and the main liquids you should watch out for are coffee, soda, acidic juices, and red wine. If you discover that your floors do seem to be stained, don’t hesitate to call our stone cleaning company for help. We can come to your home and clean your limestone, and contacting us as early as possible will give you the best chance of eliminating the stain.

If you happen to drop something on your limestone surfaces, it’s likely that your limestone will not be significantly damaged. As we noted at the outset, limestone is an incredibly durable stone, and this is why it’s commonly used in homes with children and high levels of foot traffic. However, you shouldn’t panic if you discover that your limestone has been chipped or cracked because of a drop. Our restoration company can polish and buff out chips and cracks, and when we’re done, you’ll have a hard time believing that anything happened in the first place!

We hope that this information will help you take care of the limestone in your home. If you have any questions about limestone maintenance, or if you would like to have our Top Rated Local® restoration company clean and seal your limestone, call us today! You can reach us at 562-206-2729 or through our website. We look forward to speaking with you.

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