1. Common Forms of Granite Damage

    Granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones you can adorn your home with. Available in a variety of colors, granite surfaces can complement virtually any aesthetic style. Whether you already have granite surfaces in your home or you’re thinking about remodeling an area of your home with granite, it’s important to protect your investment. In today’s post, we’ll review several causes…Read More

  2. Acid-Based and Water-Based Concrete Staining

    You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard the expression “stained concrete.” The thought of furnishing a home with concrete can evoke images of sidewalks, garages, and driveways, and this is understandably off-putting to many people. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that stained concrete is one of the most affordable and effective ways to add color and liveliness to your home. In thi…Read More

  3. All About Epoxy

    Epoxy products are similar to duct tape in the sense that they can be used for nearly anything. Epoxy products can be used to coat floors, walls, and it can even be used as a sealant! In this blog, we’ll explain some of the ways that you can use epoxy products to improve and maintain the furnishings in your home. Concrete & Marble Transformerz has provided top-notch epoxy coating services to…Read More

  4. Taking Care of Your Stone Floor

    Taking care of the floors in you home can be difficult. While the flooring in your house can add tremendous decorative value, it is inevitably one of the hardest elements of the home to care for. Spills, dirt, grime, and the normal wear and tear of everyday life can ruin carpets and wood floors. For this reason, many homeowners choose to furnish their homes with natural stone floors. California is…Read More

  5. Granite and Marble – What’s the Difference?

    Granite and marble have quite a bit in common: they’re both highly valuable materials sourced from the earth, they’re both used in homes and commercial properties, they’re both commonly used in kitchens and fireplaces, and they can both add a substantial amount of value to your home. It is often easy to identify granite and marble – marble is generally veined, while granite tends to be fle…Read More