Marble is one of the most beautiful stones you can install in your home. We know that you care about protecting your investment, so in today’s post, we’ll explain some of the most common forms of marble damage and how you can prevent them from occurring. Concrete & Marble Transformerz is Los Angeles’ Top Rated Local® restoration company. Our restoration company provides marble cleaning, marble restoration, and other stone restoration services to residential and commercial clients. Contact us for a free estimate, and continue reading to learn more about marble damage!

Stains and Etching 

Marble is a porous stone that will absorb liquids if they’re left sitting on the surface for an extended period of time. While marble sealing and polishing will provide your marble countertops with a protective barrier, you should still be careful whenever you’re handling liquids near your marble.

While staining refers to the process of your marble actually absorbing a liquid, etching refers to physical damage caused by certain substances. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, acidic substances like coffee, tomatoes, wine, and citrus juice will all damage and corrode your marble’s polish and shine. In some cases, the substance will cause your marble to become lighter and duller than other areas, and this can be particularly unsightly if you have marble that is lighter in color. Stains and etch marks can be removed by a marble restoration expert, but it’s always better to take preventative measures by investing in marble sealing and polishing.


A crack in your granite countertops is one of the worst discoveries you can make. Marble cracks often manifest as single, sharp lines that run through the slab. Cracks can develop for any number of reasons, but the most common cause is improper handling of heavy objects. Marble is a durable material, but every slab will have naturally occurring weak points that won’t be evident to the naked eye. If your marble countertops have an elegant overhang that accents your cabinetry, then you should be particularly careful when setting anything down near the unsupported edge of the overhang.

Although the sudden appearance of a crack in your marble countertops will likely be distressing, marble restoration will be able to completely restore the slab in most cases. A stone restoration expert will come to your home and apply a binding resin to the crack. You’ll need to invest in marble polishing once the adhesive has dried so that the affected area matches the other areas of the counter.

Scratches and Chips

Scratches are one of the easiest forms of damage to repair. Most scratches will simply need to be buffed out with a thorough marble polishing, and you’ll probably want to reseal the entire surface to ensure that it stays protected. Many homeowners panic when they realize that they’ve chipped off a piece of their marble countertops, but small chips and pits are actually quite easy to repair. A skilled marble restoration expert can fill a large pit with epoxy or an acrylic substance that perfectly matches the color of the affected area. You’ll never know that your marble had been chipped to begin with!

These are just a few of the most common ways that the marble in your home could be damaged. While it’s always discomforting to discover a blemish on a beautiful surface, marble restoration services are often able to completely eliminate any signs of damage. Concrete & Marble Transformerz is Los Angeles’ go-to stone restoration company. We provide a variety of stone restoration and protection services, and we would love to help you maintain the natural stone in your home. Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate!

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